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Join private lessons via Zoom / Skype



Are you a beginner musician just picked up the bass? You can learn fundamental techniques of instrument, harmony and songs with weekly online lessons. If you are an intermediate or higher level bass player who is having problem with certain aspects of instrument or music we can create a weekly program crafted just for you. If you want to discuss a certain topic, you can also get hourly session.

Lessons are done via Zoom and instructor uses two 4k Logitech Brio C1000e webcams. Bass and Umut's 

voice is mixed as 2 different channels as DI for bass and condenser mic for voice. The goal is getting as close as possible to watching a Youtube video but as an interactive Zoom call.


Payments and registration are made via my Patreon Page. You can choose either one time call or weekly lessons. After choosing a plan, we will reach out to you via e-mail. Click the link below for further details.

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